In the early days especially, it can be hard to find time for yourself and when you do, it can be hard to switch off.

However, so often I hear stories about mums who don’t take any time for themselves, as they feel guilty or they don’t trust their partner to take care of things.

And it’s sad, as often they are coming to see me as they have neglected their self-care. It sounds so simple, but it often it’s one of the first things to slip when we are busy or overwhelmed.

The good news is that even a few tweaks can really help.

It is essential that you take some time out.


It doesn’t have to be for a large amount of time and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but study after study consistently shows the practice of self-care can immunise you against conditions like anxiety and depression.

Self-care tips for time poor mums:


  • Have a bath with something like magnesium, so you get the benefits of both the warm water and the relaxing minerals
  • Go out for a coffee on your own
  • Go for a walk in your favourite place
  • Do a gym workout
  • Try some meditation – Smiling Mind is great and you can put the app on your phone
  • Catch up with a good friend
  • Read a book
  • Go shopping for yourself (not the kids!)
  • Go for a facial, massage or pedicure, your choice!


Try it, and let me know. You might be surprised by how even a short amount of time dedicated to regular self-care, can restore and revive you.

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