Karen Holmes

Are you suffering from comparisonitis? Here’s how to cure it…

How many of us can identify with feeling perfectly fine until we start aimlessly scrolling our social media feeds? Suddenly we feel flat, unhappy and inadequate – and all in the space of a few minutes.

When you break up but you can’t move on

A breakup can be debilitatingly painful, and often our preferred response is to try to get through it as quickly as possible.

Goodbye insecurity, hello self-worth – and other good things about therapy

For many clients arriving to their first counselling appointment, their main concern is obtaining strategies to deal with the distress that brought them there in the first place. 

Why vulnerability is key to a thriving relationship

Why is it so important to be vulnerable in our relationships and why do so many people struggle with it?

How to silence that self-critical voice

It’s mean and it’s nasty and you wouldn’t talk to your loved ones like that. Yet you talk like that to yourself – and you might not even be aware of it.