With the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), more and more people are turning to online counselling.

Therapy in the comfort of your own home can be a lot more appealing in terms of travel times and the current issues around social distancing due to COVID-19.

Online therapy has actually been available for quite some time and I have many clients, both individuals and couples, who avail of this option.

Is it as effective as face to face therapy?

The feedback form clients is that most find it as effective as face to face therapy.

I have also trained with Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT), to ensure I am up to speed with delivering counselling and psychotherapy in an online capacity.

How does online counselling work?

I use Zoom, which provides visuals so we can see each other. Similar to Skype, but much easier to use and no adding of people necessary. Also, it is encrypted, so it is a lot more private than Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp options.

What technology is required?

A smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer is fine. A wi-fi connection is preferable.

What’s the process?

Call me, contact me through the form on my website or email me directly: [email protected].  I will get back to you asap, if it seems you haven’t heard back from me, chances are my reply has gone into your junk folder.

I will give you a call to discuss your counselling needs at a suitable agreed time, then if you are happy to go ahead I provide payment details and once payment is made, I send the Zoom link via email to you with our session time and date. 

You can download Zoom beforehand if you like, however mostly it activates directly from the link I send you. If you get stuck, I can talk you through it.

Good news

Private health funds such as Bupa have just announced they are providing cover for telehealth counselling.

Telephone therapy is also available, if preferred. It is a good option to keep your phone close by also, just in case technology fails!

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