Five give away signs you need to see a counsellor

Sometimes talking to a good friend or a family member is more than enough. But what if you’re still struggling and the problem is just not going away? It could be time to talk to a professional counsellor…

When should you take that next step?

Here are a few signs that it could be time to make that appointment:

Your relationships are weighing you down

These can be either romantic, friend or family relationships. If you feel like any of these important connections are continually taking rather than giving, it could be time to examine how you can help yourself.

This could involve learning some new boundaries or honing your communication and conflict skills. All of these are best practised in a safe space such as therapy.

You feel stuck

Sometimes it can feel difficult to make decisions, whether significant ones or just general day to day. When you do try to choose, or decide, it may feel insurmountable and overwhelming.

This can be an indicator that you are stuck and probably have been for quite some time. With this often comes a sense of powerlessness, and since we all need to feel like we have some say in how our lives are going, this can feel exceptionally distressing for the individual.

The good news is that it is possible to get some power back – a good counsellor will facilitate this, and be mindful of supporting you.

The bad days are increasing

Everyone has off days where they would prefer just to pull the duvet over their head. But if these are becoming your norm, it’s a good reason to seek some additional help as it might be that trying to cope on your own is just not working at this time.

A trained counsellor will help you to sort out the main contributing factors and come up with workable solutions.

You need extra support

Maybe you are experiencing the loss of a loved one, or trying to transition or navigate a big change in your life. Even though you are talking to friends and family, you may feel like you need an objective, unbiased ear.

Your friends or family think you should seek help

If you are receiving a recurring message from family or friends that they are worried about you, this could be a reason to look for counselling. Sometimes those close to us spot things we don’t, or that we assume are “our normal”.

You may be surprised to learn that some issue you couldn’t shake off on your own can be addressed in just one or a few counselling sessions. Other clients feel that regular counselling helps them to break unhelpful patterns in their lives.

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