Can I do relationship counselling on my own?

The simple answer is yes – you can do relationship counselling on your own. Sometimes a partner does not want to attend, or can’t for logistical reasons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t come in on your own.

There are a few reasons why it can still be good to come and discuss issues you may be having in your relationship:

  • it is an objective, non-judgemental space – so unlike family or friends, there is no bias to the options the therapist may discuss with you regarding your relationship
  • it is a confidential space, so if you are struggling to talk to your partner about things and you suspect it may be due to some experiences you have had in your life, you can “test” this out first in a safe environment with a trained professional.
  • in relationship counselling, a “systems theory” model is often used – this simply refers to a knock-on effect whereby because one person is making changes, the other often follows suit, as part of the system, ie. the relationship or family.
  • it gives you the chance to gain insight into your own reactions, and where you can make positive changes. (It can be A LOT easier to hear this from an objective party, rather than a partner!)

I also coach clients on the language they use and provide useful and practical couple counselling tips that you can use immediately. Give it a go!




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