Body Image

Body Image

Another area that I am passionate about is body image and the pressures that women face in this age of social media and comparison.

Due to this, and due to the fact that it has been an ongoing topic of concern for female clients, I upskilled last year with some excellent training through the Australian Centre for Eating Disorders.

This is a bit of an eye opening approach to weight, so if you have ever done Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or any of those, you may be relieved to know this is by far a more gentle and sustainable method.

Did you know that around 95% of diets fail?

Diets don’t last, mainly due to the short term mindset they feed into. We all prefer that quick fix! They also mean you are hungry, and human beings are not good with deprivation. Studies show that when you are dieting, your brain actually becomes even more responsive to food. Diets also make you tired, which is difficult when you are probably still trying to do all the things you need to get done every day. They are no fun!!

Despite this, Australians spend up to $1 million daily on fad diets. More bad news: dieting also encourages disordered eating, even eating disorders.

In today’s world, health and weight are linked all the time, and there is not much tolerance for bodies that don’t conform to the ideal.

More recently, a strong genetic component has been found by scientists to explain conditions such as obesity. It is incorrect and unfair to label obese individuals as “lacking willpower”.

Despite this, people who don’t conform to the ideal body shape consistently face discrimination, ridicule and scorn by others, including health professionals.

I practise a non-diet approach, which aims to get you back in touch with your body, listening to its cues and identifying how you are feeling. Clients often express a sense of freedom in sessions, as it is the complete opposite of the rigidity, inflexibility, shame and guilt of their dieting experiences.

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