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About me

Karen Holmes CounsellorHello! My name is Karen Holmes and I run a private counselling and coaching practice from Robina on the Gold Coast.

I have been working as a counsellor for the past 10 years and I specialise in women’s issues.

I am also a clinical member of the Australian Counselling Association, with an Honours BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy and an undergrad in Psychology and Communication.

I also complete further training yearly, so that I am up to date with current trends and effective evidence-based techniques in the counselling world.

I am also a clinical member of ARCAP and an affiliated member of the Australian Centre for Eating Disorders.

As part of my training as a counsellor, I had to undergo two years of personal therapy, so I have first hand experience of the benefits of counselling.

Counselling can help you...

+ have better quality relationships

+ be more present, instead of focused on the past or future

+ have a greater understanding of yourself, and others

+ have better self care

+ have increased self esteem

+ have better decision making capabilities

+ gain better conflict resolution skills

+ obtain the capacity to challenge negative thinking patterns

+ gain increased coping skills













Typically, I see clients for issues such as:

+ struggles in their interpersonal relationships, be it romantic, with children (small and grown up!) or family, friends and work

+ life transition and adjustment issues

+ grief, illness or loss issues, including infertility and miscarriage

+ pre and post-natal counselling

+ body image and eating/food related issues

+ challenges they face through being a mother

+ challenges they may face through not being a mother, or not conforming to society stereotypes

+ identity issues

+ anger management

+ depression and/or anxiety

+ self esteem, self worth and self confidence

+ abuse and trauma, both past and present

+ sexuality

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I offer a free 15 minute phone consult so we can see if my service is suitable for you. If it isn't, I will try my best to offer you a referral to an alternative service.

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