Counselling for mums

Emotional struggle

Over the years, I have spoken to many women who have struggled emotionally after becoming a mother.

As a mum of two myself, I try to bring an honest, refreshing and humorous approach to mothering where I will help you to find a way that is “good enough” for you and aims to shift a lot of the “shoulds” mums tend to get bogged down with at this vulnerable time.

There is a huge adjustment in becoming a mum, not to mention the conflicting advice we are bombarded with on a daily basis about how to do it all. Combined with this, a lot of people are parenting in isolation for various reasons.

I am fascinated by what parenting brings up for us, a combination of the best and the worst!

I have also found myself working with women who are ambivalent about mothering – I decided to include this here as it crops up a lot in counselling – while some women feel a natural urge to have a baby, this is not the case for everyone.

This can get even more difficult due to pressure from family and friends, along with society assumptions that becoming a mother is a natural phenomenon that a woman “should” (those shoulds again!!) experience.

Counselling will help you to explore your concerns about mothering. You will be listened to with non-judgement and given a private, secure space to express your fears and doubts.

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