Anxiety and depression













Anxiety and depression

Sometimes you can feel ‘off’ without knowing exactly why. As the person tries to pinpoint what is wrong, they can begin to feel even more bogged down, and get trapped in a bit of a cycle.

Often the signs have been there for quite some time, but for whatever reason, we have ignored or not noticed our body signalling to us that it is in distress. Counselling helps to build your self-awareness, ensuring a good grasp of where you thrive and where you don’t. Due to my past experience working for national anxiety and depression charity Beyondblue, I am especially skilled in working with depression and anxiety and use a range of evidence-based techniques to help you.

Another common one is anger, which is often described as a ‘negative’ emotion, yet anger can be really constructive if used correctly. It also often masks other emotions such as anxiety and depression.

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